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Brunn Air Systems Awarded Patent

Brunn Air Systems, Memphis, TN announced on September 6, 2017 that it has been awarded U.S. Patent US 9,725,852 B1 for a pneumatic dust hood with plug preventer.

In order to prevent dust accumulation on paper and tissue machines, dust extraction hoods are placed at strategic locations on the machines. Because modern machines operate at such high speeds, breakage of the web is not uncommon. When the web breaks, the shredded tails of the web and other larger pieces of tissue can be thrown off at high velocity and drawn into the hoods.

The upper reel hood is designed to take large amounts of tissue into the hood, reducing the cleaning time at the reel for the operators. At times larger amounts of tissue can cause a partial plug, but this does not reduce efficiency and may require manual clearing of the blockage.

The newly patented hood helps users prevent partial blockage of the dust hoods associated with sheet breakage on wide high speed machines. This is the first in a series of patents pending for dust control hoods, their placement and associated dust control systems for through air dried and standard tissue machines.

For more information contact: Phone: 404-217-2246

Or Phone: 901-233-7577

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