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Trim and Broke Handling Systems

Waste System Illustrated

Brunn Air System Screever in Operation

Types of Broke Handled


  • Trim

  • Nubbins, Cookies

  • Cut Rolls

  • Logs

  • Broke (Scrap)

  • Slab

  • Wet Strength

  • Non Wet Strength


By Implementing this system you gain:


  • Labor Savings

  • Fire Risk Reduction

  • Mill Appearance Improvement



Broke Handling


  • Overview of two SCREEVER receivers handling diaper clips, trim, and reject product

  • Waste falls out of SCREEVER hoppers into Airslide which conveys waste to baler

Brunn Air Systems Trim System Receiver


Trim System Theory of Operation


Brunn Air Systems can design trim systems that will use a unique piece of proprietary equipment called a Screever that receives trim from converting equipment throughout a converting facility.  Trim is generated in the conversion of parent rolls into finished tissue products such as bath tissue, towels or table napkins. 


Trim enters a pneumatic tube or duct that will transport the waste product to a receiver.  The Screever receiver is equipped with an internal perforated screen that is in the form of an inverted cone.  The perforated screen is designed to allow dust and transport air to pass through the media and allow the heavier trim to discharge out the base of the Screever without the transport air. 


The transport air and dust is removed from the Screever through two side air outlets that will connect to a transfer duct and then to a balancing fan.  The duct has two dampers in the branch lines that are used to remove the volume of transport air from within the Screever, allowing the trim to discharge through gravity. 


The balancing fan is connected to the Screever and removes the dusty transport air.  The balancing fan discharges into a dry filter for fines removal before discharging the clean air to atmosphere or returns the clean air into the converting hall. 




This sketch illustrates the operation of the Screever

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