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Specialized Paper Machine Equipment

Tail Cutters


  •  Rigid structures with reliable components.

  • Equipment design avoids vibration

  • Cutting speed is synchronized with machine speed

  • Maintenance can be performed during machine operation



Basis Weight Control Valve

Designed to:


  • Provide a High Degree of Accuracy 10,000 to 1.

  • Prevents clogging

  • Eliminates backlash

  • Linear relationship between valve opening and flow rate.










Doctor Blade Oscillator

A Hydro-Electronic product with variable stroke and speed ensuring no “dead time”

In the inversion phase and with the ability to set the inversion point. These features offer the papermaker the benefits of longer blade life and decreases in paper breaks.

Dry End Tail Braker

The systems consist of a toothed blade and adjustable air jets for the passage of the tail.


During the paper passage the toothed blade makes the cut and simultaneously the air jets ensure the passage of the tail to the pope and prevents the tail from going under the machine.


The system is controlled manually or with the PLC.


Safety interlocks are provided to prevent access to the cutting blades during operation.

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