Quality Control System

Fomat offers a single sensor infrascope (NIR) that measures the weight and moisture through evaluation of absorbing infrared signal in the near infrared spectrum. The sensor is Non-Nuclear.  The sensor can be used in paper manufacturing, for plastic film and extrusion and in coating and converting operations. Clients can expect the following benefits from the product.


  • Long life of the unit as the source activity is low and doesn’t require replacement to obtain good measurements

  • Shipment to clients does not require special handling, ship with normal freight forwarder

  • No need for special documentation or inspections as the source is not radiological

  • Does not require final dedicated disposal

  • Does not require qualified technicial with personal dosimeter service for sensor maintenance.

  • Self calibration is part of the system, reducing annual maintenance costs





Quality Control System
Quality Control System
Quality Control System

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