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Steam and Condensate System

This was the first system developed by FOMAT in the seventies, designed with the aim of decreasing the fuel consumption and therefore ensuring a considerable energy saving. 

The times haven't changed, and this aim is still valid and desirable. 

Our system is a closed circuit so as to avoid losses due to flash steam. We can offer an optimized system on a skid, fully assembled and wired. We can also add rotary joints and siphons to the supply, as well as steam generators. 

Steam Boxes

With the purpose of saving energy in tissue plants we actualized the steam boxes. Working together with a low-pressure steam generator that recovers fumes.


  • The unit allows the papermaker the ability to increase machine productivity

  • Allows the machine crews the ability to easily clean the steam box while the machine is running with the total elimination of possible mist leakage.

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