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Mist Elimination



Mist removal systems on the wet end of paper machines are used to accomplish several key goals, including:


  • Longer life for hall structures

  • Avoiding corrosion and the impact of oxidation on building and equipment

  • Reducing contact between humidity and dust

  • Reduction of maintenance time requirements

  • Extending the useful life of equipment

  • Improving safety by reducing the risk of falls on wet surfaces


Brunn Air Systems' mist removal systems provide these solid economic benefits while also improving working conditions for employees.

Pulper Exhaust System

Rejected paper from the Yankee that is generated during a sheet break and/or trimmed from a parent roll in preparation for transfer to another tissue process is directed to a Hydro Pulper that is normally below the floor between the Yankee dryer and the reel.  Warm water, reject paper, and severe agitation from a large blade rotor transform the reject tissue into slurry so it can be recycled.  Warm, moist air will rise from the Hydro Pulper causing problems with moisture control on the sheet and causing problems with the dust hood that is exposed to the moisture from the pulper.  Moisture and dust do not mix well in an air stream, causing a build-up of wet pulp on the interior walls of dust hoods.


The Brunn Air Systems approach to controlling humidity, moisture, and convectional air currents, which will naturally discharge from the pulper openings, is to remove this air through strategically positioned hoods The capture of moist air flow will assist in better control of moisture on the tissue sheet while pulling dust from below the sheet into the pulper.   This system can assist the dust control system by helping reduce the dust from under the sheet. 




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