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During the manufacturing of high quality tissue, dust is generated after the drying step.  Each time the sheet is flexed during the normal sheet travel through the various production steps (calendar, slitting or winding operation), dust and some fiber will be dislodged from the sheet. 


The trend of tissue products becoming dryer and softer, combined with the higher speeds of the manufacturing equipment has resulted in dust becoming a much larger problem in the tissue industry.  Dust produced on a piece of equipment will remain suspended within the confines of the operating floor of the machine hall, on the equipment or in the  converting room until gravity and low air currents allow the dust to settle and accumulate on all surfaces areas. 



Brunn Air Systems Dust Control Solution



The Brunn Air Systems approach to controlling dust is to capture and control the dust at or near the point of dust generation.  This theory includes the following key items and the associated rationale that will determine overall system efficiency:



  • Correct design and position of the hood at the point of dust generation

  • The correct positioning of the hoods provides maximum control and capture of dust, while avoiding sheet affect during the manufacturing process

  • Brunn Air Systems uses strategically designed and positioned baffles to improve the performance of hoods at a given location. 

  • Advanced computer airflow modeling tools are used for the development of lower energy, high efficiency dust control systems



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