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Engineering & Consulting

Our team of engineers and project designers assist the customer and engineering companies involved in the commercial phase of projects our best recommendations to meet each production requirement. 


In close collaboration with paper manufacturers, our technicians combine real cases with the use of the latest and most advanced tools to calculate and design the projects.

After Sales Service and Spare Parts

Brunn Air Systems provides customized service plans to insure optimal maintenance and testing of our products including an assured spare parts supply availability.  We perform periodic follow-ups, energy audits and provide technological support for improvement studies.

Our specialists offer training courses about the operation and optimal use of our installations, aimed toward the machine operator and supervising managers.

  • Full line of Parts


          Baltogar Fans

          Kleissler Systems

  • Research Original Records

          Determine the required OEM Parts

          New copies of O&M Manuals

  • Recommend Upgrades & Improvements

Start Up and Audit Services

Our Project Managers and Technicians are present at the start-up of all installations to ensure that production objectives are met within the timeframes and conditions planned for each project. 

Our audit teams are available to assess operating conditions related to our product lines, proposing appropriate solutions to improve components on the machine including dust control, drying, steam systems, felt and wire cleaning, water cleaning systems, rotary joints and siphons, QCS and specialized paper machine equipment.

Field Installation and Supervision

We understand the importance of “doing a job right, the first time” by insuring that the installation of all projects are properly staffed and supervised with experienced personnel to insure timely completion in a safe manner. 


Brunn Air Systems erection teams have wide experience in the paper industry and provide ease in coordination with companies participating in the erection process.


System Upgrades & Rebuilds

  • Bring Old Systems back to Original Efficiency

  • Upgrade Old Systems to improve performance & efficiency

  • Modify existing systems for changes in operating requirements or conditions

  • Modify systems for changes in Production Equipment

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