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ST Macchines Cleaners

High consistency cleaner

This cleaner is especially suitable to separate suspensions from pulp with 3÷6% density. Separation is obtained through centrifugation of the contraries with high specific weight such as: metal fragments, stones, sand, clips, etc.

The centrifugation process necessary to obtain separation of heavy contraries is performed by subjecting the pulp to a rapid rotation and to a subsequent pressure drop in the inlet winding frame. Therefore, the cleaner has no moving parts and can affords a long on-duty life guarantee accompanied by simple maintenance operations.

After separation, the heavy parts fall along the conical downtake and rest on the special collector while the separated pulp rises up to the centre of the pipe and goes out from the cleaner through the discharge fitting and can then be subjected to the following processing steps.

A wide rage of models also with automatic discharge of the contraries is available to meet heavy-duty production requirements.

Low consistency cleaner
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