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Rotary Joints and Siphons

Duo Flow Rotary Joints for Cooling

The Fomat Duo Flow Rotary joint is designed for cooling cylinders and calenders. The joints are manufactured with cooling water and compressed air inlets to ensure pressure differences and a water outlet.


The water is injected into the cylinder by means of fan nozzles mounted on the fixed siphon ensuring the uniformity of the cooling fluid.


The joint cartridge is interchangeable with the steam cartridge

Duo Flow Rotary Joints and Turbulence Bars

  • Fixed Siphons with rotary joints supported by the machine frame.

  • Self Supporting holder available where machine frame cannot be used.

  • Steam Joint with an interchangeable cartridge containing all sealing elements.

  • Wear elements can be changed in total safety.

  • Siphons which minimize the pressure losses and maximize the cylinder rotation effect.











Monoflow and Duoflow Rotary Joints for Yankee

After over 30 years of experience in steam

systems, Fomat designed a steam joint to

ensure high reliability and easy and safe

maintenance operations.


The unit is designed with an interchangeable

cartridge that contains all the sealing elements and can be replaced in a few minutes and then reconditioned away from the machine.

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