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Felt and Wire Cleaning Systems


All shower pipes are provided with exclusive Fomat Ruby Nozzles designed to ensure a constant water flow and volume.  Each pipe is designed to avoid turbulences and deflection in the middle.


All showers can be designed with a brush cleaning system which avoids turbulence and ensures the perfect cleaning of the nozzles and the inside walls of the pipes.                         

Smart Jets which reduce water consumption in the showers by allowing a special rotating head to concentrate on the dirty areas of the felt with a special 4 nozzle rotating head.

FAP 125 Automated Timing and cleaning device for Showers.


An automated system that does not require the passage of electric cables and controls the timing and automation of the shower pipes offering the operator a safer working environment.

Edge Trim Showers that are designed for a safe and easy replacement of nozzles. Changes in paper sizes can be set manually with graduated bars or programmed automatically with the DCS

Quick Removing Shower Connections

A patented system that allows the disassembly of the shower while the machine is operating.

Coating Plant and Spraying Shower

The shower and Coating Plant Combination are designed to ensure uniform distribution of the spray on the outer surface of the Yankee with a double, triple or quadruple coverage.


Product features include:


  • Proper mixing, heating, solution concentration and filtration of the product.

  • Fast removing coating pipe connections.

  • Fan nozzles easily replaced in a few seconds while the machine is running.

  • The shower can be equipped with a pneumatic or electronic oscillating system.










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