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Brunn Air Systems Designs for TAD Machines Show Impressive Results

Brunn Air Systems dust control designs for TAD machines are proven on 5 machines in the US.

The systems provided clients with the following:

  • Elimination of frequent fires occurring on two (2) machines in the Northeastern United States. Both machines have been in full operation for the past three (3) years

  • Reduced the overall cost of modifications thru compatibility with existing infrastructure already installed on the machines.

  • A special designed internal cleaning system that reduced operators cleaning time within the frame.

  • An improved Upper Reel Hood that captures tails and reduces residue during a sheet break or turn up.

  • Complete replacement of three (3) systems on machines in the Southeastern US. With two (2) systems in current operation and the third scheduled for final completion in the summer.

For More information contact:

Brunn Air Systems, 1355 Lynnfield Rd., S 245 B

Memphis, TN 38119

Toll Free 800-808-1825 Phone: 901-763-1700


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