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Brunn Air Systems announces agreement to represent ST Macchine in the North American Market

ST Macchine is an Italian Manufacturer located in Monte Malo (in the Schio area of Vicenza), at 1 Via Calcara, Italy.

ST Macchine company has concentrated its efforts on the preparation of virgin and recycled pulp, and will offer the following products of the company in the North American Market:

  • Pressurised and hydraulic headboxes (with and without dilution) for tissue and all types of paper,

  • Systems for complete pulp preparation (high, medium and low density pulpers, HD cleaners, pressurised perforated screens, coupling/cleaners and disc filters etc...)

  • Vats and mixers (the latest development in energy saving mixers)

  • Systems for treatment of water in the paper trade and in industry generally

  • Spare-parts for all Maule pulp preparation systems

  • Machinery for synthetic and carbon fibre

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